0627 Phx Zoo Heat_Moment Otter

When the summer heat hits in Phoenix, it is important that we keep our animals at the Phoenix Zoo safe and cool from sunrise to sunset. While many of our animals are built to survive in the dry heat of the desert, it is still vital that they have plenty of shade, access to water, and fun, temperature cooling, behavioral enrichment activities. On June 27 we welcomed members of the media for our yearly tour of the zoo to show off how we keep the animals cool.

Chutti, a greater one-horned rhinoceros, received a cold hose shower in the morning, along with some treats to keep him satisfied. He is often seen bathing in his pond to keep his body temperature down throughout the day.

Indu, an Asian elephant, enjoyed a garden hose shower and a large ice treat packed with the nutrients she needs to stay healthy. Her habitat has misters and fans overhead that come on automatically when the temps reach over 90 degrees.

The Bornean orangutans shared ice treats made from Gatorade, Crystal Light, fruits and veggies. The ice treats work to keep them cool, as well as provide mental stimulation as they work to free the fruits and veggies from the frozen blocks.

Our cheetahs were tossed blood-sicles frozen with chunks of meat to enjoy in their habitat. Because they are carnivores, their diet requires meat to remain in top shape.

Our spotted-necked otter Kima received her very own “otter pops,” which may taste a bit different from the flavors you are used to. Her otter pops are frozen with fish to provide nutrients and a familiar staple of her diet. To stay cool, she takes a swim in her pond and naps in the shade of her favorite log.

The squirrel monkeys were provided buckets full of frozen treats and grapes to help them cool down. They also have misters located in the treetops that keep them cool throughout the day.

Raja, a male Sumatran tiger, chowed down on his blood-sicle which he enjoyed poolside. Though he did not take a dip this morning, he can often be seen cooling off with a swim.

Eurasian eagle owl Archimedes, one of our ambassador animals, received a light garden hose shower. Birds cool down primarily by wetting their feet, but Archimedes took advantage of a full body rinse, making sure to get in between his feathers!

“Chill Out” with SRP and the Phoenix Zoo!Visit the Zoo on Tuesday, July 11 for an awesome morning of frosty fun.

Free Mr. Softee samples will be available between 9 – 11 a.m. at Zoo entry and even some of our animals will receive ice treats and snow to keep cool!

It’s all part of SRP’s Summer of Savings. Don’t miss this online scavenger hunt where you can find money-saving tips and win energy-saving prizes. All courtesy of SRP!

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