In early August, six Louisiana pine snakes hatched at the Phoenix Zoo, and a majority of them are being prepared for a road trip! These young snakes will be sent to either their natural habitat in Louisiana/Texas, or to a breeding facility to assist in the repopulation of this endangered species. Pine snakes are one of the largest, and rarest, snakes in North America. They can reach up to five feet in length!

Native to longleaf pine forests, the snake’s habitat is being threatened by deforestation, and sadly,  populations are dwindling. As part of the Species Survival Plan, the Phoenix Zoo is proud to aid in the repopulation and distribution of these non-venomous snakes.

Pine snakes spend much of their lives underground living in gopher holes, feeding on the pocket gophers that inhabit them. When threatened, pine snakes imitate rattle snakes by hissing loudly, and shaking their tail rapidly. Check it out in this video! 


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