The Arizona Center for Nature Conservation/Phoenix Zoo has been a point of pride for Arizona for nearly 60 years. The Zoo is the state’s most popular cultural attraction, serving 1.4 million guests each year.

Decades of success in fulfilling its mission to inspire people and motivate them to care for the natural world through impactful education programs and conservation efforts have made the Zoo an international leader among zoological organizations. Fulfilling this mission requires ongoing investment in capital projects that best serve the Zoo’s animal collection and guests – The Pride Campaign has done precisely that.

Completion of the $15.1 million Pride Campaign has already funded a series of capital projects in four major areas of the Zoo, which have  dramatically impacted guest experiences, strengthened educational offerings and expanded programs for species recovery. Achievement of The Pride Campaign will be one of the ultimate accomplishments for the Phoenix Zoo.

These projects include the expansion of the Johnson Conservation Center, which supports the Zoo’s species conservation research and programs; hallmarks of the Zoo and for which it is internationally recognized. With the completion of the Johnson Conservation Center expansion, sand cat, Aldabra and Galapagos tortoises’ habitats, the new Doornbos Discovery Amphitheater and Giants of the Asian Realm, presented by The Kemper & Ethel Marley Foundation, we are excited to begin work on the final project of the Campaign – Predator Passage, the new and expanded Africa Trail.

funding progress

Status-Chart-November 2021


[NEW!] Predator Passage Brick Fundraiser

BricksPredator Passage is under construction! As the final element in The Pride Campaign, this long-awaited and exciting project expands the Africa Trail.

To celebrate this milestone, we are offering the opportunity to purchase personalized bricks which will be installed as pavers in the Passage. Don’t miss your chance to become a “piece” of the Zoo!

Note: Bricks will be installed at the tail-end of construction (early 2023).


Bricks come in two different sizes:

  • Bricks4” x 8” Brick – 3 lines | 20 characters per line maximum – $250
  • 8” x 8” Brick – 5 lines | 20 characters per line maximum – $500

OPTIONAL: Add one of ten different animal images to your brick for an additional $50. If you choose to add an animal image, leave at least 10 character spaces open in your inscription.


8” x 8” bricks can be laser etched with your company’s logo. Inscription space will vary depending on the size of your logo.

building a future

The Phoenix Zoo is a non-profit organization that receives no government operating subsidy. It relies solely on earned income and philanthropic support. Of the $13.9 million campaign total, $1.4 million will be restricted to a permanent endowment to support operational and maintenance expenses of these new expanded projects.

For more information, contact Lorraine Frias at 602.914.4322.